Expat Mortgages

So you've left your home in the UK and still want to have a home to come back to...

Who wouldn't want to keep a property in the UK, just in case you need to change your plans and also to ensure that you are not priced out by house inflation...

Are you an UK Expat, living abroad and fed up of trying to find a mortgage for your property in the UK?

Do you find it difficult to know which lender will provide you with the most competitive interest rates? Are you annoyed at the huge difference between the rates you can get and the rates that UK residents can get?

If so you are in the right place. At Rooted Finances, we have the benefit of being part of The Openwork Partnership. With over 4,500 advisers, this offers the benefit that only size can achieve and provides access to niche individual lenders and mortgage panels that specialise in this area.

We know home is where your heart is. so for UK expats we strive to get the best deal for you for your property in the UK..

Rooted Finances focuses on providing advice to expats when you return to the UK for a visit. However, we also recognise that this is not always practical - why leave beautiful beaches in Dubai if you don't have to? Therefore, we have partners who can provide advice remotely according to your needs.

Let us take the hassle out of searching for a mortgage for you. Look forward to hearing from you.